Ladies Home Mission

A few members of the Ladies Home Mission Society making baskets
for the May Day Breakfast at a member's home.

The Ladies Home Mission Society was founded in 1892.  Initially, fourteen ladies gathered together to form this group that is still going strong today.  Tradition has continued through out the years by opening all the meetings with praying The Lord’s Prayer and reciting the Twenty-Third Psalm in unison.  On average,
there are 12-15 women in attendance at each Ladies Home Mission meeting.  Meetings are held on a rotating basis, typically at the host member's home.

The object of the Ladies Home Mission Society is to help support Foster Center Baptist Church, and to do missionary work in the community of Foster, Rhode Island.  The Ladies Home Mission Society supports Foster Center Baptist Church in a myriad of ways, such as contributing to the cost of church repairs, as well as allocating funds towards the cost of fuel during the winter months.  Additionally, the Ladies Home Mission Society collaborates with the Department of Human Services (DHS) in collecting health and hygiene essentials for the Home and Health Closet, located at North Foster Baptist Church.  Furthermore, the Ladies Home Mission works closely with the Department of Human Services (DHS), the Salvation Army, Amos House, and Sojourner House by sponsoring children and families during the Christmas season.

Any person interested in the above purpose and objectives is invited to join the Ladies Home Mission Society.  Membership at Foster Center Baptist Church is not required.  New membership to the Ladies Home Mission Society is granted to candidates after a majority vote of the current members is taken, and after the new member pays the one time membership dues of one dollar ($1.00). It is the duty of the members of this organization to govern their lives and conduct according to the teachings of Christ and to cooperate in carrying on the work of this society.

Fund raising Activities and Volunteer Opportunities:

The Ladies Home Mission hosts a variety of fund raisers and events at Foster Center Baptist Church throughout the year.  These events include:  The May-Day Breakfast (May), Spring Tea (June), and the Holly Bazaar (November).  Moreover, the members of the Ladies Home Mission Society
are indispensable with theirs and the churches combined efforts for The Church Yard and Bake Sale (September).

Please see the Foster Center Church Calender under "News and Events" for a detailed list of upcoming Ladies Home Mission events and meetings, or for further information about meeting locations, please email us at

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